How to Change JazzCash Account Number in 2022?

Do you want to Change JazzCash Account Number from one number to another? It is very easy & possible in 2022 via a few working steps & tricks. Apna4G has described all details about this method here on this page with step-by-step details.

Basically when we make a JazzCash account our “money transaction account” becomes limited to only one number. Hence you can only make transections or manage digital money via that number.

But here people who change their number (SIM card) frequently feel uncomfortable because they don’t know how to make transfer their “JazzCash Account” from an old Sim card to a new Sim.

Change JazzCash Account Number

Are you changing your old number? If Yes! Then transfer your JazzCash account from that old number to your new one. It is very easy and possible via few steps procedure.

But here you have to follow basic terms and conditions that will help you to transfer your account. Hence we can say that changing the Jazz Cash Account Number is also known as “Jazz Cash Account Number” transferring.

Steps To Transfer JazzCash Number

Follow these steps and Change JazzCash Account Number from your Jazz, Zong, Ufone & Telenor Sim to another number of any telecom number free. Here is what you have to do:

  • Close the current account
  • To close this account call helpline
  • Call 4444 for Jazz number (JazzCash Account)
  • Call 021-111-124-444 for another network (JazzCash Account)
  • Now ask the agent to close your current JazzCash account immediately
  • Remember that your JazzCash account balance must be zero (0) to close the account
  • Tell the agent your registered Name, CNIC Number, CNIC issuance Date, CNIC expiry date & DOB (date of birth)
  • Now they will tell you the exact time by which your account will be closed and you can make another account (JazzCash) with the same CNIC & Name on any other number
  • Hence through this method (old account close & new account create), you can Transfer (Change) JazzCash Account Number for free

Why Do We Need To Close Old Account?

Now the question arises “why do we need to close the old account”? To create a new one or to transfer the old account to a new number (another sim).

online chat details

Basically in JazzCash, the user can only keep one JazzCash account on one CNIC. Hence those who want to make or transfer their account must have closed the old one because 1 ID card number works on one account. Now you can Pay E Challan via JazzCash which is described here.

Visit Franchise For Help

Now those users who don’t have many skills to close the old account and create the old account again on another Sim can get help from Jazz officials. Yes! Just visit the Jazz franchise and ask the agent to shift (transfer) your JazzCash account from one number to another by closing it on the old SIM and making it on another Sim.

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